Pre-School & Kindergarten Montessori Program

Our program educates children from the ages of 33 months to six years of age. We base our teaching methods on the work of Doctor Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori believed that children between the ages of 3 to 7 are most receptive to higher learning. We as adults, may perform an activity once or twice and basically, master it. A child may choose to repeat an activity over and over again. As a child continues to repeat the activity, he/she is simply building the foundations in his/her brain.

In our program, children are allowed to “choose” their own “work”. We encourage curiosity. Although, children have the freedom to choose , it is a “guided “ freedom. Our approach is to have a child learn naturally, we do not push or demand that the children learn. They are encouraged to discover at their own pace. All work is individualized. We have been very successful with this approach. Last year, in a class of 18 students, with an average age of four, 14 children were reading fluently and all of the children recognized their numbers to at least 20 and all were able to add and subtract. The higher end of our classroom spectrum were able to read chapter books and add, subtract in the thousands, and multiply and divide.

Our typical day begins with a Montessori “group” time. During this segment of the day, we talk about the topic of the week. Some of our past topics have included, the Solar System, the Continents, famous artists and musicians, etc. We also have daily Spanish , Mandarin Chinese, and German each day. Following group time, we have worktime. This is the time for individual exploration or one-on-one instruction with a teacher. Our teacher to student ratio is never greater than 10 to 1. Most days our ratio is around 8 to 1. Immediately following work time, we break for lunch and recess. After recess, we begin a second work time which typically lasts until students are dismissed to go home or free play extended care.

Although, we have experienced much success academically, our program’s fundamental tenet is to respect ourselves, others and our environment. We are always mindful of the “total” child. When a child moves to the next level beyond us, we believe that we are sending off confident, assertive and respectful people into the world. We encourage our children to show leadership in all areas not only in the area of academics, ie. Being a good friend,taking ownership of their classroom, and leading by example. We believe that the key to a confident child is to encourage them to speak and present in a group setting. What better practice for a child than to speak to a group of peers? We encourage them to speak up for themselves.

Most of the children that leave us for Elementary school are almost always placed in accelerated programs. Although, we are very proud of their performance academically, we are most proud of the type of person that they become. We encourage you to visit us and see first hand what our children can accomplish. We invite your children to become part of our extended family.